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  Welcome to Microsoft Product Activation.(欢迎来到微软产品激活中心)

  Please press 1 as a home user, and 2 if you are a business customer with a volume license agreement.(家庭用户请按1,如果你是一个批量许可协议的企业客户请按2,果断按下1)

  To activate, you must have your installation numbers from your activation wizard screen.(要激活电脑,你必须要有从电脑的激活向导上得来的激活号码)

  If you are familiar with this process, you may press the hash key to skip any instructions.(如果您熟悉这个过程中,你可以按#号键跳过了)

  No personal information is collected during activation.(在激活过程中不会收集何个人信息)

  If you have your ID tohand and are ready to proceed, please press the hash key.(如果你的手上有激活ID,并且准备好继续激活,请按 #号键)

  To repeat thismessage, press the star key.(重复此消息,请按 *号键)

  Please enter the first group now.(请输入第一组数字)

  Thank you! And the second group 谢谢,请输入第二组数字

  Thank you! And the third group 谢谢,请输入第三组数字

  Thank you! And the fourth group 谢谢,请输入第四组数字

  Thank you! And the fifth group 谢谢,请输入第五组数字

  Thank you! And the sixth group 谢谢,请输入第六组数字

  Thank you! And the Seventh group 谢谢,请输入第七组数字

  Thank you! Now enter the eighth group 谢谢,现在,请输入第八组数字

  Thank you! To finish enter the final group 谢谢,请输入 最后一组组数字 以完成输入

  Please wait while your confirmation number is generated.(请稍候,您的激活码正在生成

  1、Key 失效的情况。

  We are unable to activate your product.(我们无法激活您的产品 )

  It is possible that you are a victim of software piracy.(您可能是盗版软件的受害者。)

  In order to check if your product is original, please click on the weblink查询您的产品是否为正版(原版),请登录网址。)

  To obtain the licensed product,please return to your Microsoft reseller.(获取合法(被许可)的产品,请到您的微软经销商。)

  To repeat the message, please press the star key.(要重复信息,请按 *号键。)

  No entry was detected.(没有检测到信息输入)

  We are now ending your call.(现在我们结束您的电话)

  2、Key 有效的情况

  On how many computers is your product currently installed?(您的激活密钥安装在了几台电脑上?)

  Press One if you have nstalled this product on one computer.(如果您把这个密钥安装在一台电脑上,请按1)

  Press Two if you have install this product on more than one computer.(如果您不只把这个密钥安装在一台电脑上,请按2)